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 HOW DO I...?


GET A NEW PASSWORD - On the website (not the phone app), click on the head-and-shoulders icon in the top right corner and click on Forgot password. 

CHANGE MY PASSWORD - Once logged in, click on the head-and-shoulders icon in the top right corner to display the "Change password" feature.

SEE THE CLUB ROSTER - Available to active members only, both on a computer (Club Roster on the menu bar) and on your phone. If you can’t see it, you either need to log in and/or renew your membership.

FIND OTHER PLAYERS - Search the Club roster to find other players at your skill level 

SIGN UP FOR EVENTS - If you received an email, click on the registration button in the email. Or go to the Home page and click on the event.

ADD MY PHOTO TO MY PROFILELog into the website (not the phone app) on your phone or on a computer. Click on the head-and-shoulders icon in the top right corner. Select View profile, Edit profile, scroll down to Photo, Choose File, add your photo, Save.  Too complicated? See Miranda or Niki at the courts.

GET THE PHONE APP Download the phone app “Wild Apricot for members” and log in. You need to have your login/password already set up. You can see/search the roster, view & register for club events, and manage your profile.

SEE MY OTHER CLUBS ON MY PHONEIf you already use Wild Apricot for other clubs:

Computer: You can keep each club open in a separate tab

Phone: Make sure the email/passwords are for the same for each club. When you log in, select which club you want. To switch clubs, click on the blue circle with 3 dots near your name, and select Change Association.

UNSUBSCRIBE TO EMAILS Click Unsubscribe on the bottom of one of the emails you receive from the club.


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