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Weekly Thursday column by Sheryl Strich


Women’s 3.0-3.4 mini tournaments results:  Due to the heat, group one ended in a tie for partners Lori Kramer/Sheryl Strich, and partners Carol Bilowitz/’Ella Wilson; while in group 2, Lin Morese and Suzzi McInnis persevered in the 80+ heat to defeat Wendy Hames and Allison Muir.  Congratulations to all.

Although this was a mini tournament, a lot of planning and organizing goes into making the tournament fun and well-coordinated, and that falls on Nadine, our Pickleball Club tournament chair.  In addition to publicizing the tournament, from the moment registration closes, she is actively figuring out all of the necessary logistics.  The day of the event she is there, tracking scores and moving teams around according to their wins or losses, and overall making sure that things run smoothly.  When registered players cancel moments before the event is to start or actually don’t show up, it is a great disservice to Nadine who has to scramble to make sure that everyone gets proper playing time.  It is also a disservice to all the registered players who then have to wait around while these logistics have to be ironed out.  Please don’t be that person.

The 3.5+ ladder (12 teams competing over 8 weeks) has started. Keep an eye on the whiteboard on Court 7 for scheduled competitive matches and who's going up and down a rung each week.


Men’s 3.5+ mini tournament takes place on April 23, 11:30 member only.

Women’s 3.5+ mini tournament takes place May 7, 11:30 members only.

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