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TRAINING & CERTIFICATION sessions are suspended while Clubhouse One is closed.

A Lobster Ball Machine is available for exclusive use by Pickleball Club members who may use it according to the the following procedures:

  • The Lobster ball machine is for use by active Pickleball Club members exclusively.
  • Members must first be trained in use of the Lobster machine and satisfactorily demonstrate proficiency with use of it including: removing it from the cabinet, setup, setting adjustment, returning to cabinet, and connecting battery charger.
  • Training & Certification is conducted at 4:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the outdoor courts; no reservations required. But be sure to check the Calendar
  • Members demonstrating proficiency will get a laminated Lobster Card
  • The key to the Lobster cabinet is kept at the Golf Pro Shop where a log of checkout is maintained. To obtain the key, members must show their Lobster Card and leave their LW ID card. When key is returned, member's LW ID Card will be returned.
  • The Lobster must be left in good working order. The cabinet must be locked and the key returned to the Golf Pro Shop before it closes for the day.
  • Use of the machine is limited to 45 minutes per session.

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