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Weekly column by Sheryl Strich


When I started playing pickleball in 2015, none of my “outside” friends had ever heard of it.  They laughed at the silly name.  I didn’t care, it was fun, and I was meeting some really nice friends.  Eight years later, many of them are playing.  We talk about dinking, soft shots, slamming, etc.  

Many of my “outside” friends don’t have the luxury of seven accessible courts, free of charge, almost 15 hours a day along with free or nominally priced tournaments and social events.  The seven pickleball courts are a GRF facility.  However, if not for the five-year campaign by the Pickleball Club, we would still be playing on the three cracked tennis courts that were finally replaced in 2018.  And remember, GRF only funded lights for four pickleball courts, but our Pickleball Club raised the money to light the remaining three courts.

It’s the Pickleball Club that makes sure that the courts are taken care of.  The Club lets Recreation know when nets need to be replaced.  The Pickleball Club ensures that the courts and social area are maintained. The Pickleball Club helps beginners and runs tournaments. The Pickleball Club is available to offer information.  And we are all volunteers who do the jobs we do so that everyone can have a good time and enjoy their pickleball time.

If you’re not a member, join the Pickleball Club, it’s because of the Club that this facility is as good as it is.

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