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Weekly Thursday column by Sheryl Strich


Our Pickleball Club wants to know who you are.  We have 541 Pickleball Club members, and as of today, there are seven Toms…Boston Tom, Tall Tom, Coach Tom, Tom C, Slow Tom, Happy Tom and Funny Tom.    There are 11 variations of Deborah and Michael, Ten variations of John and Patricia and seven variations of Elizabeth and Robert. 

Rather than be described as “Tall Barbara,” or “Long haired Barbara” or “Mean Barbara,” put your picture by your name on the website.  Trust me, it’s easy to do.  Log on at on the Home page. Click on the head & shoulders and go to View Profile. Click on Edit Profile. Scroll down to Photo and add your photo. Save. Easy! If that's too complicated, email your photo (and your name) to If you get stuck, ask one of the board members at the courts and we'll help.  Our pictures are posted on the website.

LWPB TeamReach is a Smartphone APP that can be used by any Village pickleball player of any skill level to sign into “Player Foursomes” in various slots throughout the week.  Look for Arnold Quigley at the courts if you need help.

Congratulations to Tony & Anita who finished in first place in the 3.5+ ladder.

Call Security... An email came to our pickleball website after the fact about a couple who plays at night that doesn’t live here.  If that happens, CALL SECUITY at the time.  They will come to the courts.

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