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Pickleball Club presentation to GRF 120622_Page_7_edited.jpg

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the Pickleball Club made an initial presentation to the GRF Board about a proposed project to build a new pickleball facility in Laguna Woods. The presentation was given by Joan Brown, outgoing President of the Pickleball Club. The purpose was to inform GRF and the community about this project so that accurate information gets out into the community and to start the dialogue with the various stakeholders in the Village.


12/6/22 View or download the presentation to GRF  (8 slides) as a PDF - click on the form: 

12/6/22 View the live recording of the presentation to GRF, click here

Proposed project site.

Clubhouse 7 is at the top (brown roof) and the tennis courts to the left of the clubhouse. Click on the image to enlarge it.


12/28/22 Joan Broan and Ajit Gidwani talk about the project on This Day on TV6 -  click here

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