We have two opportunities to learn how to play pickleball. 

Free beginner lessons for Laguna Woods Village residents by appointment only:

Sunday Lessons from 8:00 -10 am. Wednesdays at 2:00 PM, Indoor courts.

Contact: Leon St.Hilaire   Email: 1stleon@gmail.com   Phone: 949-616-6540

Tuesday lessons from 4 to 6 pm on the Indoor Courts Mini-gym in Clubhouse 1 (adjoining Fitness Center)

Email Dave Hastings, Email: dlhcog4@yahoo.com.

Dave will arrange a class with Carol Murphy and Bobbie Seaton when we have 4 participants.

Beginners should also read the FAQs 

Find Other Players

Pickleball is the most fun when you are playing people of the same skill level as yourself.  There are several ways to find people at your skill level to play with. Click here for skill level definitions.
For beginners, we have set indoor court times for beginner play: Monday and Friday 10 AM to Noon.
Use the roster to find other players at your level. Pick a time when you think the courts will be less busy and email a bunch of other players suggesting a game. If you end up with an uneven number of players, you can swap in and out while some practice dinking or playing singles.
Drop in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings when pickleball has priority on the courts.
Note: The Roster is only available to Pickleball Club members and is updated and emailed out regularly. As you change your ability, update your skill level on Joinit or contact the Membership Director at 

Get rated!

Coach Allan Galera is offering a 15-minute assessment rating for any club members who are not rated and would like to know their Laguna Woods pickleball rating based on the USAPA guidelines. Ratings assessments are Wednesdays 12pm-1:30pm every month. Text Coach Allan for an appointment for Wednesdays  Text: 714-552-2119

Coach Allan Galera LW Pickleball Pro player/ instructor, also offers private lessons. See the bulletin board for details.