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Laguna Woods Globe

Weekly column by Sheryl Strich


Both the indoor and outdoor courts are governed by the GRF operating procedures.
The Pickleball Club is actively working with GRF to update them. For now….


On the outdoor courts, all residents and guests must sign in (GRF rule).

  • Players may play one game only (max 15 minutes) if others are waiting to play (GRF rule). Let singles players finish their game if the courts suddenly get busy.

  • Walking onto a court before play has stopped is prohibited (GRF rule).

  • Brad’s Boxes plus the flag are used so that everyone has fair access when the courts are busy.


On the indoor courts, all residents and guests must sign in (GRF rule)

  • Beginner lessons and beginner play are now indoors. More advanced players, please be mindful of this in rainy weather.

  • If 12 or more players are waiting, shorten games to 7 points and use

  • Brad’s Boxes.

  • The last players to leave the gym must ensure all the nets are taken down even if there is still pickleball playing time left.


Non-residents must be pre-cleared or accompanied at Gate 12 (new GRF rules).

  • If you think an unaccompanied non-resident is on the court, ask politely, then call

  • Security if you are still unsure. Do not engage with strangers.

Come cheer for your friends at the Super Bowl pickleball tournament Feb. 7. Tailgate
party to follow at CH 2 is $5, RSVP by Feb. 4,

Sheryl Strich

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