Beginner hours are held at the indoor courts on Mondays and Fridays 10am – 12, and
Tuesdays, 12 – 2pm.
Reminder to all those using the indoor courts: Please take down the nets after you are
finished especially if there is no one left in the gym. Apparently, people have been
exiting the gym and leaving the nets up.
Outdoor court cleaning has been changed to Thursdays around 12 – 2pm.
Wednesday, August 10 th , Pickleball Club is holding a casual round robin tournament for
members only: 2.0-2.5 skill level. Men’s, Women’s and Mixed. You must be able to
keep score and play a game (serve consistently, keep a ball in play, etc). Register at
4:30pm, and play starts at 5pm. Any questions: nadinelevier@gmail.com
Thursday, August 25, is the Pickleball Club Karaoke Party from 6 – 9pm. Members may
bring one guest. BYOE to share with people at your table. $5.00 for members/ $10.00
for guests. Pay at the door. For more information email: darlene.marvin@yahoo.com.
Wednesday, Sept. 26, is the Pickleball Club dinner dance at CH5. Food by Jolanda and
band is Art of Sax. More info coming.


Pickleball Club Karaoke Party is on Thursday, August 25 from 6-9pm in CH. Members
may bring one guest. BYOE to share with people at your table. $5.00 for members/$10.00 for guests. Pay at the door.
For more information email: darlene.marvin@yahoo.com.

Additional beginner hours at the indoor courts: Tuesdays 12 – 2 pm. On Wednesday, August 10 th , the Pickleball Club will have a round robin tournament for 2.0-2.5 skill level on the outdoor courts. Women’s, Men’s & Mixed. Signups start at4:30pm, play starts at 5pm. Any questions: nadinelevier@gmail.com
Save the date: Pickleball Club dinner dance is 9/26 at CH5. The band is Art of Sax.
More info to follow.
FYI: The courts are cleaned by GRF only on Tuesdays around 12-2pm. That means
trash is only picked up once a week. Food left in trash cans for a week attracts ants.
- Sheryl Strich



Before I share some Pickleball Club etiquette reminders, I first want to say how well everyone is working using Brad’s Boxes and the “flag up” signal. Please remember that if you are in the midst of playing on a pickleball court, your friends cannot enter your name in Brad’s Boxes.  You must be off the court before your name can be entered into Brad’s Boxes.  This is true for both the indoor and outdoor courts. Please remember to sign in on the GRF/Recreation sign-up sheet at both the indoor and outdoor courts.  GRF/Recreation needs to see that we are using the hours allotted to us especially at the indoor courts. When playing on the indoor courts and you want to get to the other side, DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE NET.  There are two very good reasons for this.  1. The net is damaged whenever anyone climbs over it.  2. There have been accidents where a person has lost their balance and has fallen.  Yes, climbing over the net is the most straightforward way to get to the other side, but if you have the energy to play pickleball, you can surely walk around to get to the other side.  If walking is too slow, run around to get to the other side!

Please make sure that you clearly announce the score so that all players can hear.  If you can’t hear the score, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the server to speak up and repeat it. 


Previous week.

Congratulations to Jan Carson and Percy Mistral who captured the gold in 60+ mixed 3.5 at the Southern California Classic @Bobby Riggs. There have been questions about guests at the pickleball courts, because it has been observed that it is quite easy for non-residents to access the courts. GRF Operating  Rules regarding guests on the pickleball courts state: “1. Residents and guests must sign in upon arrival at the courts; 2. Guests must be at least 6 years old to enter and be accompanied by a resident at all times; 3. Guests may occupy only one court with their resident sponsor.” If a problem arises, call Security.
   Pickleball Club Karaoke Night is Thursday, August 25, 6-9pm, at CH 1. Bring an appetizer to share and your own drink. $5.00/person. Email Darlene at darlene.marvin@yahoo.com to reserve your space.
  Air conditioning for the indoor courts has been restored.
Coach Allan Galera is offering free assessment rating for Pickleball Club members who are not rated on Wednesday, July 6, 3-4pm. Text Allan at 714-552-2119 to sign up.

Follow-up tip of the day: If the score is called incorrectly, and the opposing team stops play to correct the score, the opposing team is faulted. Score corrections are made after the point is finished.
Sheryl Strich

Pickleball Column

Coach K is offering two free clinics for Pickleball Club members who have completed Bobbie or Leon’s introductory classes. These clinics are for Advanced Beginners with a skill level of 1.5 - 2.5) and will be held on June 28 th (session 2a) and June 30th (session 2b) from 2-4pm. Email Coach K, coachk.lwvpickleball@gmail.com with your preferred
session. As the temperature increases, the courts with the most shade are at a premium. When our courts are not crowded, there is no way to have “dibs” on a court when it becomes empty. Protect yourself by bringing plenty of water and headgear for sun protection. One more tip for beginners: Footwork is everything, watching the ball is essential and
early preparation is the key to success. Your strategy is simple: Place the ball deep, then get to the kitchen line
Did you know that a fault occurs when the server hits the ball to make the serve while the score is being called?
Please contact me, ladypod79@gmail.com, if you have information about our members who have medaled in tournaments.
Sheryl Strich


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country, and our Pickleball Club is the fastest growing club in Laguna Woods.  Our current membership is over 460 members and increases on a daily basis.  Since many of our new members are beginners, check our website, www.lagunawoodspickleball.com  and click “Beginners click here” for information on how to sign up for free lessons along with how to find people to play with at the beginner skill level.  On that same page click on “FAQs” for club and general pickleball information  Court times for beginner play:  Monday and Friday 10 am to noon at the indoor courts.

Please note that the outdoor courts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are for more advanced players.

Coach K is planning advanced beginner clinics June 28 and 30.  Look for the email.

There are no tournaments scheduled for the summer months due to the heat.

Indoor gym air conditioning is not working.  You can ask the fitness center staff for fans, and be sure to bring extra water.

Tip of the day:  The benefit of playing at the Kitchen line as soon as possible is that most points in pickleball are won at the Kitchen line. 

When you play at the Kitchen line:

  • Your opponents have less time to react to the next shot. 

  • You are able to cut down the angles that opponents have to hit shots, which means there’s less distance to cover on your side.

  • It’s easier to hit down on the pickleball.


Sheryl Strich


The annual Memorial Day Chicken Tournament was a huge success.  It combined fun competition with social play and ended with a barbeque.  Thanks to Brad and Ajit for organizing the tournament and to the social committee for handling the barbeque.

Bobby Seaton has done it again.  He came in first place in the Laguna Hills Memorial Day 5K, 85+group. 

The last day to pick up your Pickleball Club merchandise purchased during the Village Games is tomorrow, Friday, 6/10 between 9am and noon at the courts.

Our Pickleball Club offers free lessons for beginners living in Laguna Woods Village by appointment only.   Contact Leon St.Hilaire,  1stleon@gmail.com to sign up for Sunday lessons from 8 - 10 am.  Contact Dave Hastings, dlhcog4@yahoo.com to sign up for Tuesday lessons from 4-6 pm on the indoor courts.

Beginner hours are held Mondays and Fridays from 10 am to noon on the indoor courts.  This is an excellent way to meet other players at your beginning level.

Beginners should check our website: www.lagunawoodspickleball.com and read the FAQ’s which gives a plethora of information for the beginning player. 

Since everyone provides their own balls to use in a game, and they all look alike, label your game balls.

Tip of the day: A banger in pickleball is a player who typically does not engage in the soft game, i.e., no dinking or drop shots.  One way to diffuse the banger is to keep the banger back near the baseline when possible.



The Pickleball Club website has been revamped and an online membership option has been added.  The new website address is www.lagunawoodspickleball.com and our new email address is lagunawoodspickleball@gmail.com which should be pretty easy to remember.  Leon St. Hilaire has taken over as webmaster. A big thank you goes to Eric Ordway for all the time and effort that he put into our website.

  Pickleball Club members can now join, renew and update contact details and skill levels online.  By clicking on the membership tab on the website members can check out their own password-protected membership details or update their skill level, which can also be accessed by using the QR code on the lockbox at the courts. 

  Congratulations goes to Ajit Gidwani and Chis Kassebaum who won the gold in Men’s Doubles 60+ at the Pasadena Senior Games.  Chris went on to win gold in the Men’s Singles 60+, and Mixed Doubles 60+.

Sheryl Strich

Last week

Coach K has once again been offering Intermediate Level Drill Clinics to Club members.  They have been well received, and we hope they will continue. This is an extremely valuable opportunity that the club offers.   You’ll always come away with more skills to use that will improve your game.  Coach K sends out an email to Pickleball Club members for sign ups, and the clinics are always held in the Clubhouse One mini-gym.


Watch for emails from Niki Thompson with Club news regarding the Pickleball Club’s Memorial Day Chicken Tournament and Barbeque.

Tips of the day: 

1. Hitting with a downward trajectory is the best way to cause your opponents to make forced errors. It is important to note that your downward trajectory may not directly result in a winning shot. However, by hitting with a downward trajectory, you will cause your opponent to hit with an upward trajectory. This will eventually lead to a high-enough ball for you to hit a winning overhead or other shot.

2. As much as one might want to rush back on the court after a fracture, it’s important to remember that it takes bone at least 6-8 weeks to heal; a fact that I have been sadly aware of these past two months! 


Sheryl Strich