Get rated!

Coach Allan Galera is offering a 15-minute assessment rating for any club members who are not rated and would like to know their Laguna Woods pickleball rating based on the USAPA guidelines. Ratings assessments are Wednesdays 12pm-1:30pm every month. Text Coach Allan for an appointment for Wednesdays, Coach Allan Galera LW Pickleball Pro player/I

Skill level definitions CLICK HERE

Find Other Players

The Club has been working on a way for members to connect with members of the same level and play at the times GRF has set aside for us to play
The Club roster has a column for your Skill Level. When you joined you could enter your level on the membership form and it would be put on the roster.  As you change your ability, contact the Membership Director with revisions to your level.
If you are looking for someone to play with at your level, use your roster to see who to contact.

The Club roster is only available to Club Members and is not available on this website. Updated rosters are emailed to members several times a year.
CLICK HERE   for skill level definitions. 
In selecting your skill level, remember pickleball is fun but it is the most fun when you are playing people of the same skill level as yourself.  

We have set indoor court times for beginner play. They are Monday and Friday 10:00 to 12:00 noon.