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We strongly recommend the free "Introduction to Pickleball" session offered by the Pickleball Club of Laguna Woods to all residents; you do not need to be a Club member.  It takes place Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 pm on the indoor courts in the mini-gym in Clubhouse 1 (adjoining the Fitness Center). You must book a slot.  Contact: Dave Hastings at 

Coach Allan Galera, LW Pickleball pro player/instructor, also offers private lessons (see the court noticeboards for details).


  1. Wear suitable shoes (tennis shoes with good support, plenty of tread and non-marking soles) and comfortable clothes.  Sunglasses or safety glasses are also recommended.
  2. Read the page about Playing in LW.  You must be familiar with the the GRF operating procedures, court conduct, court hours, and Brad's Boxes.
  3. We have several paddles available for your use during the intro session.  Additionally, paddles can be borrowed at the Golf Pro Shop; you'll need to leave your resident's card.  We have balls for your use during the intro session.  You can also purchase balls at the Golf Pro Shop. Most sporting goods stores (PGA Superstore, Dicks, Big 5) carry pickleball equipment and you can purchase online through pickleball sites such as or from Amazon. If you buy from Pickleball Central, use code CRLWPC  to get a 5% discount.  Pickleball Central also has a Paddle Guide to help you choose.

    GET AHEAD - watch/read links below before attending intro class

    Pickleball 101 - a quick read outlining how the game is played

    Tips for new players - invaluable!

    Stay safe and healthy! - the 12 most important things to know

    The no-volley zone aka the Kitchen (2 mins) and Kitchen myths debunked (3 mins) - aha!  - basic rules  

    The complete USAPA rule book - for whenever you're ready - not needed before class!


        Pickleball is the most fun when you play with people of the same skill level as yourself.

        • When you join the Pickleball Club you'll have access to other Pickleball Club members. Skill levels are listed along with contact details, so you can contact players at your level and see who wants to play - you'll be pleasantly surprised! Pick a time to meet when the courts are less busy and you can round-robin easily.
        • Participate in the Beginners' social play events for Pickleball Club members.  You'll meet and play with many future friends and playmates while getting tips from and being mentored by seasoned players.
        • Try the indoor courts where beginners and advanced beginners often play together.

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