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The pickleball facility is open to Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests only.

Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.

Players must abide by the operating rules of Laguna Woods and practice good court etiquette.


Court procedures are governed by the Laguna Woods Recreation Facility operating rules for Paddle Tennis & Pickleball (outdoors) and Fitness Centers & Gymnasium (indoors).

When the courts are busy, Brad's Boxes are in effect.


To play here, it is expected that you:

  1. Abide by the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rules and regulations.
  2. Be a Pickleball Ambassador. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Be especially welcoming and helpful to newcomers and visitors.
  3. Respect the Laguna Woods Pickleball facilities and property. Keep them clean and in good working order.
  4. Pitch in. Help to set up and tear down whenever possible.
  5. Strive to positively reinforce and influence other players. Encourage their growth, promote teamwork, and emphasize fun.
  6. Accept responsibility for any guests you bring to the courts. Make sure they abide by these rules.
  7. Be respectful of players engaged in play and strive to avoid interfering with their play.
  8. Promote good sportsmanship and fairness in all aspects of play—line calls, accommodating waiting players, playing with players of a lower or higher skill level.
  9. Refrain from giving unsolicited coaching or advice, or criticizing another player’s skills.
  10. Dress for safe and enjoyable play. Wear appropriate (for Pickleball), and non-offensive attire. Shirts and court shoes are a must.
  11. DO NOT engage in physical or verbal behavior that threatens the health, safety and/or physical and mental well-being of others, including the use of profanity, alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs.

It is just a game.


The chairs on the patio of the outdoor courts tend to lose their screws. There's a square plastic jar to put the screws in if you find one on the ground.

Hang bags and backpacks on the fence or set them on the ground or on a table, but not on the chairs. This is especially important when we're having a tournament/event. Personal items are cleared out monthly and passed to the Golf Pro Shop. Lost paddles should be turned into the Pro Shop immediately.

‚ÄčTreat the nets, pickleball picker-upper, and lobster machine with care. If you don't know how to work something, ask someone.

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