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When the flag is raised on the outdoor courts it indicates that groups are waiting for a court. Leave your court when your game is finished. Doubles play takes priority over singles. If a court is being used by single players, they may finish the game, and then relinquish the court.

  1. These rules are for use during scheduled open play hours. No player is obligated to play in any specific game. These boxes are provided to promote enjoyable, balanced games.
  2. ‚ÄčEach player chooses what game to play, when to play, and who to play with. If you want to play ASAP, pick the first open box and enlist other players to fill it. If you want to rest, choose a later game box. If you want to play with other people at a particular skill level, write the level (e.g. 3.0) above the initials S.L. (skill level).
  3. In the example above players 1-4 will take the next open court. If no one else signs in with players 5 & 6 before the next court is open, then players 7-10 will take that court. Other players can choose to put their names with players 5 & 6 or in the empty box. If you are not willing or not able to play with the players in a partly filled box, don't put your name in a box where there are open spaces.
  4. Games will be played in the number order of filled game boxes. You must have four players in one box to take a court. If your box is not filled, the foursome in the next filled box plays on the open court. When a skipped box is filled, the skipped box becomes the top priority box.
  5. Write LEGIBLY so everyone can read your name, or you may miss a turn. Write your name in a box, put the pen down and move away from the sign-up sheet so others can get to it. Cross out your box before taking the court.
  6. Do not remove or alter any other player’s name already in a box. Upon completion of a game, return to the patio area to sign up for another game.
  7. If you want a specific team or foursome, wait for your teammates to arrive or complete their game, then all sign up together.
  8. If you are not sure how this works, ask another player at the courts to explain it to you.

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